Welcome to Gargrave Open Gardens!

Gargrave – where’s that?

Our village nestles into the upper valley of the River Aire, on the southern fringe of the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England. The river runs through the village, where an ancient stone bridge and two sets of stepping stones link the northern and southern banks. Another water feature is the Leeds – Liverpool canal which reaches its northern-most point at Gargrave, a low spot in the Pennine hills which form the watershed between east and west coasts.

Photos by Freya Jackson

Why Open Gardens?

Gargrave is known as a village with a thriving community spirit. People know each others’ names, say hello and look out for each other. We know how to have fun too – most recently, a weekly “Dance on your doorstep” phenomenon during lockdown.

Open Gardens has been an annual event in Gargrave for several decades. Originally a fundraiser for the Methodist church in the village, now closed, the event now supports St Andrew’s Church. Part of the Church of England, St Andrew’s forms a hub for village life. Although the building has been closed for public worship during the Covid-19 emergency, the life, worship and work of the church continues.

Show your support

Rather than selling the usual yellow printed “passports” that admit visitors to the gardens, we ask visitors to this website to make a voluntary donation. Click here to donate.

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