Autumnal addition: interview on Riversway

Hello garden explorers! Here”s a late addition to the garden trail for you to enjoy now that you’ve finished your month-long virtual Open Gardens lunch at Gargrave Village Hall. This video was recorded in July: an interview with some of the Faulkner family – that’s us – in our garden on aptly-named Riversway. It’s a garden for wildlife, for veg growing and for children.

With thanks to Will Gascoigne for his filming, photography, skilful drone flying and video editing, and to Katie Milner for her unobtrusive interview technique – you really can’t tell she was there!

And thank you to all of our global Gargrave garden visitors for joining us on this new venture over the strange summer of 2020. Please remember our donation page to support the valuable work of St Andrew’s Church. Church income relies a lot on fundraising events like Open Gardens. We hope that you can join us in 2021 for something resembling a real-life 3D version of Gargrave Open Gardens.

Filmed and edited by Will Gascoigne

Photos by Chris and Duncan Faulkner

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