Five weeks to go…

We’re pleased to be welcoming several new gardens this year, and others that haven’t been open for a few years. This year’s event will stretch from Butterhaugh Hill, south of Gargrave, to Bell Busk in the north, where a 3-acre garden on the slopes of Haw Crag will be open to visitors.

This poster design uses a montage of scenes from one of our gardens, painted by Hilary McCormac. Hilary and other local artists will once again be artists in residence during this year’s Gargrave Open Gardens.


2 thoughts on “Five weeks to go…

  1. How do we discover the addresses and post codes of the gardens that will be open? What is the address and post code of the Twin Locks Garden Centre for those who are coming from Bingley and do not know Gargrave.?


    1. Hello Colin, Twin Locks Garden Centre is on the A65 just outside Gargrave to the west, on the left, postcode BD23 3NB. Both there and at the Coop in the middle of Gargrave you can buy “passports” which went on sale yesterday. They include a map which shows the location of all the gardens that are opening. We hope to see you in two weeks time at Open Gardens.


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