A look round a garden by the River Aire

Hello again and welcome to our 500th visitor to Gargrave Gardens go Global! Today’s post is a look round Mary and Nigel’s garden on Walton Avenue, one of the stalwarts of Open Gardens as it is one of the few gardens that has opened every year for as long as we have been running OpenContinue reading “A look round a garden by the River Aire”

Riverside: crescendo of lupins by the silent bells

Joan and Nigel’s garden on Riverside has been thriving during lockdown. They were so pleased that people taking their daily exercise were able to stop and enjoy the garden as they passed by on the village green. The church tower behind their garden has remained silent since 23rd March. They’ve missed the church bells andContinue reading “Riverside: crescendo of lupins by the silent bells”

A profusion of ponds

Spring 2020 has been the season of big garden projects. During the lockdown people have been digging ponds, building walls, making sheds and re-contouring their beds. We know of at last three new ponds in Gargrave gardens. Here’s a video of one, thanks to Alison. Please remember our donations page. Gargrave Open Gardens is aContinue reading “A profusion of ponds”

Floral transcendence by the River Aire

Ahoy there garden followers! Good morning and welcome to our new participants. We’ve notched up another continent now, with some visits from Australia (thanks, Auntie Sheila!) as well as interest from Germany and Italy. Today’s offering is a series of wonderful photos from Gill’s garden: exquisite floral details, a new Mediterranean wall and a starContinue reading “Floral transcendence by the River Aire”

Vertical gardening

Welcome to yet more followers of our Gargrave gardens trail! We’ve reached two continents now, with some page views from the USA. I wonder if we will manage to extend our reach to Antarctica by the end of the summer…? A couple of photos here from a little gem of a garden at Goffa Mill,Continue reading “Vertical gardening”

Welcome to Gargrave Open Gardens!

Gargrave – where’s that? Our village nestles into the upper valley of the River Aire, on the southern fringe of the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England. The river runs through the village, where an ancient stone bridge and two sets of stepping stones link the northern and southern banks. Another water feature isContinue reading “Welcome to Gargrave Open Gardens!”